Cork Stone Featured in Clocha na hÉireann – The Stones of Ireland Monument

Victor Daly’s carving of County Cork has taken pride of place on a new national monument

Victor was very proud to represent Cork as the carver of the county’s stone for the ‘Clocha na hÉireann’ or ‘Stones of Ireland’ monument erected in Glencolmcille in Donegal. The monument is a map of Ireland made up from individual pieces of stone carved by people from each of the counties of Ireland.

The project was commissioned to commemorate the centenary of 1916, and it celebrates the crafstmanship and tradition represented by stone carvers from across the island of Ireland.

The monument, which is located opposite the Glencolmcille Folk Park, as part of the Tirconnell Folk Festival 2016.

Gathering of Stones Project

Victor Daly has carved the Munster crest that takes pride of place on ‘The Gathering of Stones’ in the Lough Boora Discovery Park in Co. Offaly.

The Gathering of Stones is a dry stone monument built by the people of Ireland for the people of Ireland across the world. All of the stone for this project, including Victor’s Munster crest, has been donated to the project, and the monument is being built entirely by volunteers.

Find out more about the project from the Dry Stone Wall Association of Ireland website.

Carving a Modern Ogham Stone

Modern Ogham Stone

Victor’s Modern Ogham Stone

It’s interesting, as a sculptor in the twenty-first century, to get the chance to experiment with a type of stone-carving that was at its most popular in fifth-century Ireland. Ogham stones served as a means of commemorating someone, and the lines along the side of the stone spelled out their names, and sometimes details about property ownership, in the ancient Ogham alphabet, made up of a series of intersecting lines.

Holed Ogham Stones

This modern Ogham stone commission involved including a hole in the stone, a striking feature which is present on some of the original stones still standing in Ireland. Though there are not certainties about what the hole first signified, they say that you can renew marriage vows or seal contracts by touching thumbs through it!

Stillness in Stone: A West Cork Heron

Garden Ornament - Heron Sculpture

Hand-Carved Heron Garden Ornament

Herons are a familiar sight here in West Cork. Sometimes they make a sudden huge impression on you as they swoop past in their prehistoric style; at other times, their forms seem to emerge from the landscape as you look at it. The stillness of a heron standing in shallow water, or pausing in a garden, has an amazing quality to it.

In this project, stone became the medium for representing that captivating stillness.

Stone garden ornaments give a timeless quality to the well-planted garden. They always help to guide the eye and dramatise space, but when they represent local wildlife, they add another dimension, reminding us that we share our outdoor spaces with the birds and creatures around us.

We can only imagine what the local herons will make of their new neighbour when they come across him.

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