Abstract Sculpture

Interlinked stone rings

Victor Daly uses traditional skills and techniques to craft abstract stone sculptures

His work can be found on display in domestic settings as well as in public spaces.

He is a professional member of both the Sculpture Society of Ireland, and the Crafts Council of Ireland.

After over 20 years of exploring the possibilities of stone as an artistic medium, Victor is an experienced and skilled craftsman who enjoys working on personal sculpture projects as well as private commissions.

His interlinked stone rings are a particularly popular signature piece.

Celtic Designs in Stone

Celtic knot sculpture
These experienced craftsman taught Victor how to carve authentic Celtic designs in stone, and these designs remain a regular feature of his work.

Victor’s Celtic sculptures make use of forms such as Celtic knots, and Ogham script, and he uses a mallet and chisel to craft each piece using time-honoured techniques.

By using traditional forms and designs, and passing on his skills through the stone-carving courses he runs in his West Cork workshop, Victor helps to keep the ancient traditions of Irish stonework alive in the twenty-first century.

Recent Sculpture Commissions

Ogham Stone

Ogham Stone

Recent commissions have included the carving of a modern Ogham stone for display on a private site in West Cork.

Examples of his recent work can be found here on the blog page.

An Enduring But Affordable Gift

The qualities of stone mean that it will always be associated with strength and endurance, as well as beauty. Those qualities make a sculpture an apt way to mark significant life events and milestones. Victor’s clients are often surprised at how affordable it is to commission a sculpture, safe in the knowledge that the final piece will be handcrafted and unique.

Do contact Victor if you’d like to talk about a project you have in mind, or to find out more about prices.