Bespoke Headstones

The use of stone to mark a grave is as old as time itself, but the process of designing a monument for your loved one is always an emotional one.

At what is a difficult time, Victor will help you to design a bespoke headstone in keeping with the life you are commemorating, and in harmony with the graveyard setting you have chosen.

Traditional Stone-Carving Skills

Victor Daly Stone CarverIn his workshop on West Cork’s Sheep’s Head peninsula, Victor will use natural materials, traditional tools, and time-honoured techniques, to create a bespoke headstone that will serve as a fitting memorial for the person you have lost.
Victor will craft a gravestone which suits the style you have in mind, whether that style is simple or embellished, traditional or modern. He’ll also work with you to decide on the type of stone to use, the wording of the headstone inscription, and an appropriate style of font.

The process of deciding on a headstone is one of the many milestones in the grieving process. Victor takes pride in carrying out the design process in a respectful and thoughtful way.

An Affordable Memorial

Please don’t hesitate to contact Victor to talk about the kind of headstone you have in mind. A bespoke headstone is an affordable choice for everyone, and you are more than welcome to get in touch to avail of a free consultation at any time.