Great Progress from Wilf!

Last year Wilf Stock came to visit me on the Sheep’s Head peninsula for a weekend stone-carving course. Wilf took to stone-carving like a natural, and it was a pleasure to pass on to him some of the skills involved in carving letters in stone.

After the course, 75-year-old Wilf bought himself some chisels, and since then he’s been working away on projects, and developing the skills of a letter cutter.

Wilf returned to show me his work today (pictured below). I’m so impressed by what he’s achieved, all hand done by himself. Congratulations to him on his progress and the example he’s setting to anyone who would like to give this ancient art a try!

Wilf stone carving

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I am a stone carver with over 20 years of experience in stone-carving, restoration and abstract sculpture, working only with traditional chisel and mallet techniques. I accept a wide range of commissions, and deliver stone-carving courses here at my workshop on the Sheep's Head peninsula in West Cork.
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