Letter Cutting

Victor is a highly-skilled letter-cutter in stone, and his work has been commissioned for a wide range of letter-cutting projects in Ireland, as well as in Scotland and the United States.

He is skilled in using classical and contemporary styles of lettering, and his work is on display in private homes, churches and other public settings. He uses raised letters and V-cut incised letters to produce items such as house nameplates, townland signs and bespoke headstones.

If you would like to commission Victor for a letter-cutting project, do please get in touch to arrange a free, informal conversation about what you have in mind.

Victor Daly sculptor

Recent commissions have involved Victor in producing fine lettering for memorial plaques, architectural lettering, house plates, memorials, and stone and slate headstones. To commission a letter-cutting project, contact Victor to discuss the ideas you have in mind.